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World Exchange Plaza

45 O’Conner Street, Ottawa, ON, K1P 1A4


This elegant plaza is home to shops, offices and a movie theatre.




Neighbourhood | Centretown


Vary depending on business

Profile Last Updated: June 29, 2007

That Silver Orb
When coming in to Ottawa’s inner city, you’ll know you are close when you see a silver orb floating above the rest of the buildings. As you get even nearer to that orb you will see that it is connected to a large building with a reflective glass exterior. This is the World Exchange Plaza of the Nation’s Capital.

Shop Hopping
The plaza is home to all sorts of fine clothing stores. Whether you are looking for a business outfit, or something you plan on wearing out on the town that night, it can be found at any number of the clothing stores in the plaza. But there is much more than simply clothing stores in the building; the food court has a wide range of food from your standard burgers and fries, to more exotic meals from around the world. There also happen to be a coffee shop and convenience store on the bottom floor, just in case you need your caffeine fix, or want to pick up the day’s paper.

Business is Business
On top of retail, the World Exchange Plaza is a high class office building, home to financial institutions, real estate companies, and a host of other high profile tenants. Business people scurrying throughout the plaza are a common sight.

All Work and No Play
All work and no play make for a boring lifestyle, and so the plaza has a movie theatre on its upper level. Hollywood hits along with independent films are shown daily for anyone wanting to catch a movie, and take a couple of hours off work. And best of all, parking is plentiful, since the plaza has its own underground parking lot below the building.


Wheelchair access: Yes

Parking: Underground