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Multi-Trek Safety & Rescue Training And Equipment

2630E Lancaster Road, Ottawa, ON, K1B 5L8


Safety and rescue training and Ontario's first full accredited climbing school.



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Mon-Fri: 9AM-PM

Profile Last Updated: April 22, 2009

Playing Safe
Snce 1982, MultiTrek has been increasing safety in the Ottawa region and beyond. As a company dedicated to safety and rescue training, this Canadian-owned, bilingual establishment helps other organizations to assess their safety and rescue requirements. MultiTrek also develops and implements safe occupational practices and emergency response procedures that comply with recognized industry standards and current government legislation.

Safety for all Walks of Life
MultiTrek's course roster is very comprehensive. A look at their syllabus will show topics ranging from fall prevention to confined space safety training. Course titles include: Rope Access and Fall Protection training for individuals who work on elevated structures; Confined Space Entry Training; Wilderness First Aid Training and Industrial First Aid Training. Participants are encouraged to enroll in the open courses available, which are anywhere from four hours to 40 hours in length depending on the topic. MultiTrek also offers the option of private clinics that can be arranged according to your convenience and held on your site (anywhere in North America).

Equipment, Etc.
MultiTrek's services are not restricted to training. The company also sources and sells equipment. After helping your organization to categorize its requirements, MultiTrek will identify and obtain equipment best suited to your needs. For example, MultiTrek can provide rescue gear for firefighters. They supply the finest equipment from reputable manufacturers and ensure that it all meets the desired and applicable safety standards. Free catalogues are available upon request.


Courses: Courses are held throughout the year, but call early to reserve.