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LeBreton Flats Park

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LeBreton Flats is located in a picturesque spot right across from the Canadian War Museum and beside the Ottawa River.



Neighbourhood | Centretown
Getting There | Right across from the Canadian War Museum

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Festivals and More
As the largest festival site in Ottawa, LeBreton Flats plays host to many big events in the capital. Programs such as the Children’s Festival, Bluesfest and the Regge Festival appreciate the site’s beauty as well as its 20,000 person capacity. The convenient location of the site across from the War Museum means it is also reserved for special events such as VE Day, Remembrance Day and the anniversary of D-Day. Weekends LeBreton Flats regularly hosts bike or running events. In order to maintain and preserve the beauty of the space events are typically scheduled to allow a period in between so lawns can be serviced and the grass gets a rest.

History of the Space
LeBreton Flats is named for John LeBreton a native of the Channel Islands and officer in the British Army. He and another man were the original owners of this piece of property then known as lot 40. The construction of the Rideau Canal in 1812 brought tradesmen and workers and their families to the area. Many of those who worked on the canal stayed after its completion and set up homes on the land to the south of the river which is now known as LeBreton Flats. In 1900 a great fire destroyed everything on the land but it was rebuilt and played home to tradesmen, merchants and their families as well as industries such as sawmills and rail yards. The land was acquired by the NCC in 1962 and has played a large part in Ottawa’s activities ever since.


Take Note: This is the festival site for the Ottawa Bluesfest.