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Hobby House Ltd

80 Montreal Road, Ottawa, ON, K1L 6E7

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This Ottawa shop has years of experience in providing enjoyable hours of fun.



Store Type | Gifts, Hobbies, Toys/Games, Books
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Neighbourhood | East End
Cross Street | Palace Street


Mon-Wed: 9:30AM–6PM Thurs-Fri: 9:30AM–9PM Sat: 9AM-5PM Closed Sundays except in December.

Profile Last Updated: February 03, 2009

Since 1953, this is a Place of Fun
Hobby House Ltd. opened its doors in 1953. Sure, hobbies have changed over time, but many of the traditional pastimes can be rediscovered at this business establishment. The model trains you remember can still be found at Hobby House Ltd.

A Rare Place Where Plastic Has Value
Hobby House Ltd. is one of the few places where plastic is valued. With so many small hobby stores abandoning plastic model cars in favour of die cast, it is good to know that’s not the case here. Not only car models but other modes of transportation as well: tanks and ships and static models. These are not found in many stores and are sure to not only revive old memories but also offer an opportunity to introduce the craft to a younger generation.

The Classic Model Train
There used to be one under every Christmas tree and model train clubs still thrive today. You can start off small and continue to add to your collection as you design not only the train system but the landscape around it. Those who have kept at it understand that a model train collection can produce as many “oohs” and “ahhs” as any video game.

Watch for the Trends
If you can’t beat the video game generation, new technology offers a means to compete for traditional hobby platforms. The experts at Hobby House Ltd. suggest watching for “DCC”. DCC is simply the best form of model railroad control available. It adds sounds and lights to where they were not available before and an unprecedented realism. Hobby House Ltd. also has an excellent choice of puzzles and 1,500 book titles at any given time. For a real used cars dealer check out yellow pages.