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499 Bank Ottawa, Ottawa, ON


At Omer DeSerres, you’ll find everything you need for inspired crafts, drawings, decorations and other creations.



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Neighbourhood | Centretown
Cross Street | Catherine St

Profile Last Updated: December 19, 2008

Arts and Crafts
Omer DeSerres offers one of the most varied selections of artistic materials. Simply, they have everything, from the basic pencil to supplies needed by the most famous of artists, creative games for kids and other supplies that will make adults dream of arts and crafts. You can also find everything you’ll need for scrapbooking, or photo albums, as well as fancy papers, embossing items, stickers and stamps. There;s also everything you’ll need to make your own jewellery, from beads to iron wires, fimo jewellery, hemp and threads, not to mention everything you’ll need to draw, like pastels, markers, aquarelles, fusains or acrylic and paint supplies like frames, brushes, canvases and easels.

Works and Lessons
Omer DeSerres also sells supplies for calligraphy, plaster, sculpture, varnish, office supplies, wooden objects, vinyl, lettering and signs of many styles. The stores also offer many books and courses for new ideas and tips. The qualified staff can also guide you with your choices.

Child’s Play
As for the children, young or old, Omer de Serres has everything you need to keep them busy for many creative hours: window paints, clay, finger paints, makeup, origami paper, paint by numbers, soap and candle-making kits as well as creative games.