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Centretown Pub

340 Somerset Street West, Ottawa, ON, K2P 0J9


Cast iron tables, local artwork and vibrant music all make Centretown Pub a comfortable and welcoming place.

Category: Bars/Clubs


Ambiance | Gay and Lesbian, Pub
Payment | Cash


Neighbourhood | Centretown
Cross Street | Bank Street


Daily 2PM-2AM

Profile Last Updated: August 25, 2008

Small and Intimate
Located on the ground level of a three-tiered brick Victorian house, this pub has no outdoor signage whatsoever. You can recognize the place by the chocolate brown awning that covers the walkway to the main entrance and by the music, which is often audible from across the street. Inside is relatively small and intimate. And on a busy night you can barely move inside the establishment. The decor is quite Old World, in a palette of deep burgundies, beiges and charcoals. There are a few lovely cast iron tables in front of comfortable bench seating inside a large bay window. Scattered along the walls are works of art by local artisans that rotate frequently throughout the year. Also, there are a few video and pinball games and a pool table for your amusement.

The Mix
Centretown can be described as a "Gay Cheers." Certainly, it's more of a "man's man" bar. The crowd is on average older and more "straight-acting," than most other gay bars in the city. The crowd can be 19 plus, but is usually closer to 25 to 60 plus, and is predominately comprised of gay men. The crowd is mainly filled with regulars, and tends to be a place to hang out with the gang rather than a meeting place for new friends. Basically, it's a comfortable, friendly and welcoming place. Weekdays have a lighter crowd that picks up after working hours. The evenings are usually packed, especially on Saturdays and Sundays. Sundays have great draft specials and really draw them in.