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Brewer Park

Bronson Avenue, Ottawa, ON

A lovely oasis in the heart of the nation’s capital, Brewer Park is a haven for families, pet lovers and children alike.



Neighbourhood | Old Ottawa South
Getting There | Brewer Road, off of Bronson Avenue, just across from Carleton University.

Profile Last Updated: March 03, 2008

Escape from the Metropolis
Despite its indisputable benefits, life in the city from time to time breeds a longing for the peace and beauty of Mother Nature. Quench your thirst for a brief getaway from the hustle and bustle of Ottawa’s downtown core with a stroll through Brewer Park. Located just off of noisy Bronson Avenue, this park is a haven for all seeking some quiet downtime.

Family Fun
The park is a favourite for parents with children, three play structures dot the pretty landscape – each one geared toward different age groups. In the summer, a paved part of the park is converted into a water wonderland, complete with sprinklers, a water canon and a small waterslide. Wintertime at Brewer Park boasts a skating rink for hockey fiends and a wider ice circle for those craving a more leisurely skate.

Pet Friendly Oasis
Folks with their canines also represent a substantial portion of Brewer Park’s demographic of frequenters. Bring along your furry friends and chat up fellow pet enthusiasts whilst enjoying some fresh air and beautiful scenery. A change from city life, dogs will enjoy running free on the south side of the park, where it is permissible – away from the play structures and small children.

Athletes Abound!
A walk on the south side of Brewer Park eventually leads to the scenic Rideau River and a whole area of planted trees. The north side has a baseball diamond, a soccer field and a basketball net. With plenty of room to run and play, this park is the perfect place to cut loose after work, during your lunch break or on the weekend with friends.


Pick It Up: The poop and scoop bylaw is strictly enforced here.