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Booster Juice

50 Rideau Street, Ottawa, ON, K1N 9J7

613-569-3568 | Website

Get all juiced up at Booster Juice.

Category: Bars/Clubs


Ambiance | Juice Bar/Alcohol Free
Payment | Interac, MasterCard, American Express, Visa


Neighbourhood | Lowertown Market Sandy Hill


Mon-Fri: 8AM-10PM Sat: 8AM-9PM Sun: 10AM-8PM (store closes one hour earlier each day in winter)

Profile Last Updated: December 11, 2008

Healthy Fast Food
Booster Juice makes healthy juices and smoothies that you can drink on the go. Fresh and natural ingredients go into these drinks so they are as tasty as they are nutritious. A great alternative to fast food, these smoothies and juices taste so good you'll forget they're good for you!

Give Me a Boost!
Freshly-squeezed orange juice, apple juice and carrot juice are some of the juices available. Blended varieties like Red Sunrise (carrot, apple and beet) and Green Hornet (a veggie concoction of carrot, celery, spinach and parsley) are also offered. Smoothies are made with juice, sorbet, non-fat yogurt, and two kinds of fruit. Large smoothies come with a "booster": a tasteless powder packed with vitamin and mineral supplements. Each booster targets a specific nutritional need. The Cold Warrior Booster, with Echinacea and goldenseal, prevents colds and flu, and the Bone Booster has calcium citrate to strengthen bones and teeth. You can custom-make your own smoothie with a booster, fresh fruit, and sorbet in flavours like orange, peach and strawberry. Or you can choose from 24 kinds smoothie blends like Berry Twister, Blue Banana and Soymilk Slam. Smoothies come in both a regular size and a smaller snack size.

Green Drinks
If you like the benefits of eating leafy greens but dread their taste, you're in luck. Booster Juice makes a wheatgrass shot, which is a small amount of blended wheatgrass that's the nutritional equivalent to 2.5 pounds of leafy greens! The shot isn't that tasty, but you get a juice chaser with which to wash it down. Hot drinks, like Oregon Chai Latte and Frothy Mocha, are also available. Quesadillas and panini sandwiches are made here, in case you don't feel like slurping your lunch through a straw!


In a rush?: Smoothies take a few minutes to make, so if you are really in a rush you can call ahead to have it ready for you when you get there.