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Fading Away: Saving your electronic memories


Explore how we have saved our memories electronically over the last 100 years.

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Audience | All Ages

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21-Apr-14 to 21-Apr-15 Canada Science and Technology Museum Canada's national science and technology museum provides fun and learning through involvement. 


You record your child’s first words, or take digital photographs of that special class trip. But how long do you expect the records of those memories to last? Little by little, natural forces are turning your carefully recorded souvenirs into dust or goo. And, as if nature were not threat enough, constantly evolving software and hardware formats may make it difficult to retrieve even perfectly preserved information. Explore how we have saved our memories electronically over thelast 100 years. What can we do to stop them from fading away? <br><br>This exhibition highlights the history and importance of preserving audiovisual media. Drawing on the Museum's extensive collections and curatorial resources, the exhibition's artefacts and displays present an overview of the history of electronic record preservation. Visitors are encouraged to examine the various forms of record storage and discover the evolution in data recording that has allowed today's memories to withstand the test of time.